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Best Universities for Employment

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Forbes – Best Universities for Employment 2016

As I looked over this list and saw the names of schools which we are all accustomed to seeing at the top, I thought about the kids who either will not have the chance to attend, do not want to attend, or do not fit those schools. What should they be looking for in colleges that may not top these overdone lists? What qualities related to their future job search should they be seeking in their future colleges?

Although I am sure those colleges on the list do an excellent job of helping students with their post college career prep and job search, at this point, a lot has to do with their name and reputation. Employers are drawn to students from those schools because they know what it takes to get there and what kind of education they will come out with.

To come up with the above list, the writers surveyed hiring managers and corporate recruiters to find out what schools they recruited from most. For students who will not be attending those elite schools (and even those who will), there are a few other things they should take into consideration aside from graduate job-placement statistics. Although this list is not exhaustive, it is enough to give you a good idea of what you should be asking as you consider potential colleges with regards to employment both pre- and post graduation.



    • Is the chosen curriculum strong and deep enough to give the student a good, well-rounded education?
    • Is the college sending you into the workforce with industry knowledge and skills crucial to being successful and competitive?


Career Services Center

    • Does the college offer career services?
    • What is the quality of those services?
    • Are the services offered competitive with those offered at other schools?
    • Are there opportunities to network with alumni?
    • Does the school organize career panels and job fairs for students to learn about various careers and speak with potential employers?
    • Does the center actively seek to build strong relationships with potential employers and invite them to recruit and interview on campus?
    • Does the school help students with their internship search?
    • Are there organized internship programs?


Jobs for Current Students

    • Are there sufficient jobs on and off-campus available and offered through the school?
    • Does the school offer a work-study program?


Alumni Services

  • Does the school offer career support to alumni?
  • How long does this support last post-graduation?
  • Do they offer opportunities to connect with fellow alums?

Feel free to comment below with your additions to the list!

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