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Regular Decision Applications


Now that the stress of ED and EA deadlines has passed, it is time for seniors to focus on their Regular Decision applications. There is not a lot of time left, especially with holidays and end of marking period exams coming up. Students should use their weekends and evenings to tidy up their final essays and ensure they have completed all parts of their applications. Don’t forget to double check honors programs and scholarship applications, as many of those deadline are still a bit earlier than that of regular decision. Now is also a great time to do some campus visits and see how they are with students actually there and lots of activities going on. Many schools have open houses around this time of year as well. Attend a performing arts or athletic event, eat in the cafeteria, look at the dorms, ask random students questions, visit the career center, check out the things you are interested in. Just get out there and explore the options!

ED and EA decisions should be back by mid December, so there is the possibility that you won’t even want to apply to your Regular Decision schools anymore. Just make sure that you are fully prepared to send them in and send your test scores anyway so that they are there on time. You never know what the financial aid packages will look like at your schools, so I am a fan of applying to all of those which the student is still interested in and would consider if the financial fit may be better in the end.

Keeping all of this in mind, do not forget to relax and enjoy senior year! Spend time with your friends and family and do what you love!

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